Jackson Park Video Premiere

Jackson Park Ministries is excited to announce the premiere of our new video exhibiting the life transformation that happens here everyday.  Silent Images did an incredible job Capturing what Jackson Park Ministries exists to do in the video below.  When you give to, volunteer at, and pray for Jackson Park Ministries, great stories like the one you are about to see are made possible!

D’Asia’s Story of Hope

The day hope knocked on the door of room 153…

Room 153 was my family’s home for almost a year and that is something I will never forget. I shared a bed with my younger sister and ate microwave dinners just about every night or fast food when my mom could afford it which wasn’t often. Then one day she came “home” and told us to pack our things because God had made a way for us and it was Jackson Park Ministries. My family and I cried when we first came into our apartment because it was such a blessing, JPM has done so much for my family that I am forever grateful for. They continue to be a support system for all of us as well as the other residents and I’m so glad that God led us to this great program.”

A Testimony: The Graham Family

Life is full of many ups and downs and takes us on a journey which leads to many paths. We would like to share with you how our path lead us to our current destination which is being a happy family at Jackson Park.

Our family moved to Jackson Park in July of 2014. We were destitute as we had just lost our home, many belongings, were barely feeding our children, going in between family and friends homes at night to sleep and seeking desperately for help and for hope, which we had lost at that point. Our marriage was hanging on by a thread, as a result of not effectively managing our family crisis and our children were not receiving the best of us. We were in a dark place and Jackson Park Ministries became our guiding light. We knew we had come to the right place and at the right time. There was a spirit of love at Jackson Park and we knew God abided in that place, because He is love. We have grown and are still growing tremendously since being a part of the JPM family. Through parenting, marriage and financial classes, we have developed and acquired so much knowledge about how God wants us to live. How He wants us to parent, have a successful marriage and handle our finances. We have learned that the transformation process in changing your life begins and ends with seeking Christ in all that you do. We are amazed at the selflessness of such people as Pastor Bob, Pastor Tim, our financial advisor (Rick), the volunteers who work with us and just JPM as a whole. They give us hope and equip us to live a fuller life. These people really care and want to see you and your family do well in life.
Our praise report and testimony is that unlike when we first arrived at Jackson Park a little over a year ago, we now have hope. Our marriage, children and finances are doing better now than ever before. Through self-improvement and accountability, we know that without a doubt when we leave here to go on our next path, we will be more than ready. We will never forget our experience at Jackson Park…through Christ, Jackson Park saved our lives. When we had no direction, nowhere to turn and in a dark place, God sent us here to remind us that we were not alone. The work while here is not easy. It is soul-searching and life-changing, but so much worth experiencing the ultimate outcome of being transformed, into God’s image.
Our family scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. We are humbly grateful for God’s promises coming to fruition in our life and becoming a reality through being a part of Jackson Park. With God on our side, we are confident that the best is yet to come.
The Graham Family (September 23, 2015)

Summer Camp Update 2015

Summer Camp 2015 has begun with a great start! We have an awesome group of 65 kids! Our first week of camp was hosted by Central Church of God and we had several salvations! We had one girl who has been attending for 7 years decide to take the step of asking Jesus into her heart! Many other kids have also made the same commitment and a lot of them asked to be baptized! Glory to God!

Our second week, we had a group of teens from Radius Camp lead bible studies with the kids, ending the week with an amazing day at a local water park. We also had lots of fun going to Discovery Place, the Airport Fire Station 17, movie time, slip and slide, patriotic craft’s and more! So many volunteer’s joined us to serve and love on the kid’s during this year’s camp.

Please continue to lift up the children who have started their new walk with the Lord, as well as the other children and their families. We have just a few weeks left until Summer Camp will end for this year. As always, we have so much fun and are grateful for the time to sew into the live’s of each child.

We also had Elevation sponsor Jackson Park during their yearly event, Love Week. We along with all of the kids truly appreciated all that the teams who served and pulled their sleeves up, hearts out!

Thank you for all who provided scholarship’s to cover the cost of camp for each child.

Summer 2015, Apartment Buildings Update

This year we are looking to complete two of our apartment buildings to be able to bring in additional families. Currently we are in need of some help with painting, cleaning, and furnishing the apartments. Also if there are any workers with plumbing, HVAC, and handyman skills we could use your help as well! With your help we could bring our family number to 15 families living on campus. Our heart is to work with these families in several areas by helping them realize that the Lord has a plan for their lives, and through that we desire that they come into a place of knowing what it means to honor the Lord through each step in life. True transformation is possible as they surrender themselves to God’s plan.