Eagle Scout Leadership Project #30

Michael Waverka from Troop 8,  sponsored by the St. Matthews Catholic Church, added a porch roof over the Fellowship Hall entry. After Eagle Project #21 created the ramp we wanted to add a covering for the door. Little did we know the challenges that simple idea would  have. The original design had the roof extending over the porch and supported by posts on the corner of the handrails. What we did not know was that our property line was in the center of the ramp. We could not build a permanent structure over the line on City property. So a redesign with cantilever support from the building extending to (but not over) the line was approved. The next challenge was the rain after the roof was opened to add the framing. The tarps we put over the open structure did not hold and collapsed the interior ceiling. Well, we were intending to install suspended ceiling tile anyway. Now was as good a time as any. This project was completed in 2014.

30 Michael Waverka 2.jpg