Eagle Scout Leadership Project #43

Travis Nagorski from Troop 80, sponsored by the Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, created and installed a total of 20 signs for general directions, program areas, and Housing Building identification. It has long been a desire to have more of a Campus feel to our 11 acre property. Countless times we have had people coming to the main office looking for the food pantry or clothing ministry. Often guests arriving in the parking lot had no idea where to go for events. Now we have a consistent message and a sense of community and inclusiveness. There was one large sign at the parking lot and the others are distributed around the campus. Scouts were able to weld the frames and install them in the ground, and then apply the metal signs. This design allows us to change any sign with another or re-brand logo's easily. This project was completed in 2018.

43 Travis Nagorski.jpg
43 Travis Nagorski B.jpg