Homework Buddies: provide academic support and encouragement for the students in our after school program. 

Buddies’ Role:

  • Provide assistance with student’s homework with a main focus on math and literacy.

  • Offer suggestions and help to develop effective study habits

  • Actively engage in identifying the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses

  • Check progress reports and report cards as a means of tracking the student’s progress

Family Mentors: To develop a relationship with a family that will promote positive relationships, development and decision-making.

Mentor’s role:

  • Provide a model for a healthy, trusting relationship through clear communication and setting appropriate boundaries.

  • Acknowledging their strengths, talents and gifts and encouraging them to find ways to use them.

  • Be an active listener and offer support and encouragement when appropriate.

  • Maintain confidentiality.

  • Open line of communication with the family, Program Manager and Executive Director.

Events/Campus Projects: assist with completing various projects/tasks around the campus or during an event.

Volunteer Role:

  • Complete projects such as: cleaning the campus, lifting or rearranging supplies/furniture, posting signs around the community, etc.

  • Set up/clean up before or after an event

  • Take on event tasks such as: passing out flyers, serving food, setting up tables/stations, refilling items as needed, direct guests to event area, supervising children etc.

For more information & additional volunteer opportunities please contact: info@jacksonpark.org